For years his political ambitions have been overshadowed by his cricket career. Now, his popularity as a politician has suddenly increased massively and his message to get rid of corruption and to cut military links with the US is resonating with Pakistanis. Could Imran Khan become the next prime minister or even president of Pakistan? And how would he end corruption and violence in his country?

Imran Khan, the former cricketer and politician talks about his election campaign, fighting corruption and the future of Pakistan.

"Corruption is destroying the country. For the first time people feel, that their survival is at stake. People feel that the country is a failed state. If we don't do something, the future of our children is bleak," Khan says.

The years after the Second World War saw the US emerge into the world's first global superpower. But the global landscape has changed since then. Today, the US is a country with serious problems.

Internationally-renowned author, columnist and recipient of three Pulitzer prizes, Thomas Friedman, joins Sir David to talk about about his new book and how the US could return as a global leader.

A new kind of capitalism

This year has seen revolutions all over the world, notably across the Arab world. But what about a revolution in business?

Entrepreneur Richard Branson talks about the secret of success and a new kind of capitalism - a socially and environmentally responsible one.

Also joining Sir David is Simon Kellner to discuss his new journalistic venture, the Journalism Foundation, which promotes fair journalism and aims at establishing the best practices for journalism around the world. Is journalism always a force for good?

And last, David speaks to actor Elijah Wood about his transformation from a 'Hobbit' in Lord of the Rings into a penguin in the new movie Happy Feet 2.

Source: Al Jazeera