This week Sir David Frost presents the programme from New York, where the UN is convening to vote on the Palestinian bid for statehood. He discusses the regional ramifications of the vote and the Arab Spring with Qatar's prime minister.

Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, is not only prime minister, he is also the foreign minister of the tiny Gulf nation.

Sheikh al-Thani speaks to Sir David about Palestine's bid for statehood; frustrations in the Middle East leading to the Arab Spring; and Qatar's role in negotiations.

He tells Sir David, in order for a solution to be reached; it is time for stronger leadership from both the Palestinians and the Israelis.

He also discusses his hopes for Qatar's future; better education, health care and jobs for all in Qatar.

How does she do it?

In the second half of the programme Sir David talks to award-winning Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who is promoting her new film I Don't Know How She Does It. The film is an adaptation of Allison Pearson's novel of the same name; about a working mother trying to juggle her career with her family. 

Also in the second half Sir David returns to the Palestine issue and speaks to representatives from both sides of the Israel-Palestine negotiating table. 

Saeb Erekat, a senior Palestinian negotiator asserts seeking statehood at the UN is not part of a Palestinian strategy. He says September 23, 2011 is just the beginning - and not the end of Palestine. After 20 years, negotiations are over and it is time for Israel not to treated as though it is "above the laws of man".

Mark Regev, spokesman for the Israeli prime minister insists "we need to talk". He believes continuing dialogue is the only way to reach an agreement by both sides. "How do you expect peace with Israel if you refuse to talk to Israel?" 

Source: Al Jazeera