The leaders of Bolivia, Chile and Colombia talk to Sir David Frost

In this special edition of Frost over the World from the UN General Assembly in New York, Sir David Frost speaks to some of the biggest names from the under-reported but strategically vital continent of South America.

This episode of Frost over the World aired from Friday, September 25, 2009. 

Michelle Bachelet


Ever since the ousting of General Pinochet, Chile has been governed by a soft left coalition. In December 2005, the country elected Michelle Bachelet president for a four-year term, which expires in six months. Chile faces a new election in December and Bachelet cannot stand again. She joins Sir David to look back on her time in office and forward to what the future holds for Chile.

Alviro Uribe


Colombia has South America's second-largest population and under President Uribe has firmly allied itself with the US in the fight against guerrilla insurgents and drug traffickers. Indeed, the country recently signed a new agreement to allow US bases in Colombia. Sir David asks Uribe if American boots on Colombian soil is a price worth paying.

Evo Morales


Bolivia, landlocked since losing a war with Chile in 1879, has long been desperately poor - despite its vast resources of minerals. It also has the highest proportion of indigenous American Indian people of any country and, in Evo Morales, the indigenous people finally have a president. Sir David speaks with him at the UN General Assembly in New York.

Jimmy Wales


The free online encyclopedia Wikipedia has changed the way people work today. Some say that it promises nothing less than the liberation of human knowledge, others that it is filled with inaccuracies and distortions of the truth. Sir David talks to one of its founders, Jimmy Wales, about how he created what could be one of the greatest ideas of the computer age.

Source: Al Jazeera