Soldiers take up positions at the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel after Mumbai was rocked by multiple coordinated attacks [GALLO/GETTY]

On Wednesday evening, the Indian city of Mumbai was shaken by a series of attacks. Gunmen with automatic weapons and grenades opened fire at major tourist sites and took hostages at two of the city's luxury hotels and a Jewish centre.

In this episode of Frost over the World, Sir David Frost gets the reactions of Ajai Sahni, the executive director of the Institute for Conflict Management in Delhi, and Mohsin Hamid, the author of the bestselling book The Reluctant Fundamentalist, to the coordinated attacks across India's financial capital.

This episode of Frost over the World airs from Friday, November 28, 2008

Ajai Sahni and Mohsin Hamid


Ajai Sahni explains why he believes Pakistan-based groups were involved in the Mumbai attacks and discusses what he calls the Pakistani state's "long history of direct sponsorship of terrorism".

Mohsin Hamid responds to Sahni's comments, saying there is "a shared sense of sorrow that unites" Pakistan and India.

Fatmir Sejdiu, president of Kosovo


Sir David talks to Fatmir Sejdiu, the president of Kosovo, about the challenges facing the world's newest nation.

Asne Seierstad


The author of The Bookseller of Kabul joins Sir David to discuss her latest book, The Angel of Grozny.

Asne Seierstad describes how she managed to enter Chechnya disguised as a Chechen and explains how the Russian territory is "run on fear and terror".

Mario Blejer


Mario Blejer, a former governor of the Argentinean Central Bank, discusses Argentina's reaction to the global financial crisis.

Dore Gold, a former Israeli ambassador to the UN, and Manuel Hassassian, a Palestinian ambassador to London, discuss the prospects for peace in 2009.

Source: Al Jazeera