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Vuk Jeremic

Vuk Jeremic discusses the political crisis in
Serbia with Sir David
Serbia is still reeling from Kosovo's declaration of independence last month.

The decision provoked a furious response from countries with secessionist movements of their own and left Serbia in turmoil.

The political crisis deepened this week when Boris Tadic, Serbia's president, dissolved parliament and announced snap elections for May 11.

This came as the recently formed governing coalition collapsed after ministers failed to agree on whether to suspend ties with the European Union, in protest at recognition of Kosovan independence by some EU countries.
Vuk Jeremic, Serbia's foreign minister, joins Sir David to discuss the political crisis and what it means for the country's future. Jeremic reiterates Serbia's plans to oppose Kosovo's declaration of independence.

He also says the forthcoming elections will determine Serbia's future in the EU.

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Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz says he is disappointed
that the presidential veto was upheld
This week the US House of Representatives upheld a presidential veto of a bill to prevent the CIA from subjecting enemy detainees to interrogation methods that critics say amount to torture.

Under the legislation controversial interrogation methods, including water boarding and sensory deprivation would have been banned.

George Bush, the US president, said the legislation would have removed one of the most valuable tools in the 'war on terror'.

But some have said the decision has undermined the US's international credibility and could expose US military personnel to similar treatment if captured in a warzone.

Alan Dershowitz, the American lawyer and political commentator, joins Sir David to discuss the issue of torture.

Dershowitz says that in extreme circumstances the use of torture can be justified. But he expresses his disappointment that the presidential veto was upheld.

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Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox is aiming to use music as a
vehicle to raise HIV/AIDS awareness
Annie Lennox is a solo artist and the lead singer of The Eurythmics. The Scottish singer-songwriter has sold over 78 million records during her long and illustrious musical career.

She has won a host of awards including four Grammys, two Golden Globes and an Oscar.
During her career Lennox has supported a number of charitable causes, including Amnesty International and Children in Need.

Her most recent project, the SING Campaign, is aimed at raising awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its impact on women and children.

As part of the campaign Lennox has teamed up with 23 acclaimed female singers to produce a single.

Annie Lennox joins Sir David to discuss the project and her musical career. Lennox says that she is aiming to use music as a vehicle for raising awareness about HIV/AIDS.

She also criticises politicians for not addressing the virus soon enough and says every child has a right to medical treatment.

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Nazenin Ansari

Nazenin Ansari discusses the Iranian
elections with Sir David
The election in Iran on Friday is likely to keep conservatives firmly in control of parliament.

Reformists had hoped to capitalise on rising public discontent, with Iran's economy struggling.

But unelected state bodies, led by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, barred many opposition candidates from contesting the vote.

A victory for the conservatives in the poll is likely to increase Iran's determination to continue its nuclear programme, which the US and various other countries oppose.

It may also exacerbate Iran's hostile foreign-policy towards the West.

Nazenin Ansari, an Iranian journalist, joins Sir David to discuss the vote. Ansari criticises the democratic credentials of the Iranian political system and says the poll will not lead to change in the country.

Ansari also says Iran is misunderstood by people who only focus on the last 30 years of the country's history.

Hamish McRae

Hamish McRae says the economies of China and
India will keep the world economy afloat
On Tuesday the US Federal Reserve injected $200bn into the financial system amidst mounting fear in US financial markets.

The move initially stemmed market panic. This stability was short-lived – the dollar subsequently fell further and there were record highs in the prices of oil and gold.

This comes against a backdrop of increased global economic uncertainty.

Some analysts have said we are in the midst of a sharp economic downturn. Meanwhile, one of the largest banks in the US has said the country is already in recession.
Sir David talks to Hamish McRae, a columnist for The Independent, about the global economic troubles.

McRae says the downturn is part of a global economic cycle and warns that things will get worse before they get better.

But, he says the powerful economies of China and India are keeping the world economy afloat.

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