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This week Sir David talks to Alain Aoun, a senior political officer for Lebanon's Free Patriotic Movement, and political risk analyst Mark Daou about the latest crisis to engulf the country following the assassination of anti-Syrian MP Antoine Ghanem in a car-bomb attack two days ago.

Syria has denied the accusations and condemned Wednesday's blast, but what does this latest killing mean for upcoming presidential elections on Tuesday?


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Vuk Jeremic, Serbian foreign minister
Sir David talks to Vuk Jeremic, Serbia's foreign minister, about fears of another war in the Balkans over Kosovo.


The move follows a warning earlier this week from Russia's foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, that any unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo could lead to further instability in Europe.


Kosovo has said that if talks on its status are not resolved by December 10 it will declare independence. Jeremic said that although he considered it dangerous for any party in the negotiations on Kosovo's final status to take unilateral action, Serbia "is not going to use force". 


World Peace Day


With September 21 marking the United Nations International Day of Peace, Sir David talks to Jeremy Gilley, creator of the day itself, about what it means for the future.


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Mary Robinson, a former president of Ireland and a UN high commissioner for human rights, talks about the crisis in Darfur and what steps must be taken to prevent further civilian deaths.


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Fidel Castro, the president of Cuba, has rarely been seen in recent weeks and rumours abound that the Cuban leader is seriously ill or even dead. Peter Kornbluh, the director of the National Security Archive, discusses the rumours and their possible implications for Cuba.
Russia - Andrea Lugovoi, former KGB agent

Andrea Lugovoi, a man on suspicition of murder in Britain, announced plans to stand for Russia's parliment this week. The former KGB agent is accused of the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenk, but if elected in December, he will become immune from prosecution in Russia.
Joining Sir David to discuss this is Pavel Erochkine from the Centre for Global Studies.
Watch the Castro and Russia segment on Youtube.
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This episode of Frost Over The World aired from 21 September 2007.

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