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President Lula
Brazil's President Lula talking to
Sir David Frost
President Luiz Ignacio Lula Da Silva - Lula for short - has been the president of Brazil since 2002.
When he first came to office he was hailed as a new kind of Latin socialist leader. Since then much of the thunder in that area has been stolen by Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.
Lula - in a less extravagant way - has established himself firmly as the most powerful man in South America.
He is almost the only South American leader who can simultaneously maintain good relations with Venezuela and the US.
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President Lula talks to Sir David Frost at the Brazilian embassy in London about how Brazil continues to produce such fantastic footballers, the Brazilian economy, anti-American sentiment in South America and the relationship between Hugo Chavez and George Bush.
Global warming
Chris Bonington is returning to the Himalaya's
47 years after his first expedition there
Global warming has been one of the most important topics up for discussion at the G8 summit.
But what is seen by many as tomorrow's problem is a very real problem today for the people of the Himalaya's.
There are constant reports of melting and collapsing glaciers and growing glacial lakes that are bringing danger to the region and also to the climbers and trekkers who bring prosperity to the area.
One of the best-known mountaineers, Chris Bonington, is leaving on an expedition to the Himalaya's later this month - 47 years after he first climbed there and he joins Frost Over The World to discuss the changes taking place in the region and what climbers and trekkers can do to help combat the problem of global warming there.
Bill Nighy
Actor Bill Nighy travelled to three remote
villages in Tanzania
Following the glitzy premiere's for Pirates of the Caribbean 3, actor Bill Nighy found himself in a very different type of environment.
He travelled to three remote villages in Tanzania, Africa as a guest of Oxfam to operate as a witness to how aid can actually work.
He talks to Sir David Frost about the experience and explains how people are dying there of things that people in the West stopped dying of over a century ago.
Nighy tells Frost Over The World his message for the G8 leaders and discusses the real results of the summit.
Israel and Palestine - 40 years on
Hanan Ashwari, PLC member
Forty years after the Arab-Israeli war of 1967 the Palestinian-Israeli conflict seems as intractable as ever.
Frost Over The World looks at the two issues around which the conflict centres; the borders of a future Palestinian state and the right of return for the estimated 4.2million Palestinian refugees, many of whom live in refugee camps in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.
Sir David Frost is joined by Hanan Ashwari, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, from Ramallah and by Talya Lador-Fresher, the deputy Israeli ambassador to the UK, in London.
Talya Lador-Fresher, deputy Israeli
ambassador to the UK
Frost asks Ashwari if it is realistic to expect the Palestinians to give up the right of return in exchange for Israel giving up the gains of 1967 and returning to their pre-1967 borders.
And he asks Lador-Fresher if Israel would be willing to return to those borders should the Palestinians give up the right of return.
Ashwari discusses whether the right of return is non-negotiable and Lador-Fresher reflects upon the outcome of the 1967 war and what a different result would have meant for Israel.
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Source: Al Jazeera