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Lord Levy
Lord Levy talks to Sir David Frost
Britain's outgoing prime minister, Tony Blair, has this week taken up a new post, as envoy to the Middle East on behalf of the Quartet: the UN, the US, the EU and Russia.

Just as Blair stepped down from the UK premiership, so did the man who has been Blair's own envoy to the region, Lord Levy.
Sir David Frost asks Lord Levy what the most important developments have been in the region during his time as envoy and whether these were positive or negative.
They discuss whether Blair can be an honest broker between Israel and Palestine and how he can deal with the perceived problem that the UK and US are biased toward Israel.

Levy tells Frost Over The World that he expects Blair will approach his new role with the diligence and time that he gave to the Northern Ireland crisis.
Chris Patten
Chris Patten talks about the situation in
Hong Kong ten years after the handover
Ten years ago this weekend, the United Kingdom handed Hong Kong – its last colony – to China.
The handover had been negotiated thirteen years earlier with the Chinese authorities by the then prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. 
Chris Patten was the colony's last governor – he spent the five years up to June 30, 1997 preparing for the handover.
He joins the show to discuss how Hong Kong has fared over the past ten years and its route to democracy.
He also discusses the former British prime minister, Tony Blair, and his new role as the Quartet's envoy to the Middle East.
Jacqueline Wilson
Children's author Jacqueline Wilson
From domestic violence to heartbreak, divorce to breast cancer, Jacqueline Wilson is not afraid to tackle gritty subjects, making her one of the worlds most popular and outspoken children's authors.
Her books have been translated into 34 different languages and she has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.
So are there any subjects too hot to handle for a children's writer?
Jacqueline Wilson joins the show to discuss whether children are growing up too fast and whether her readers have become more or less worldly over the years.
Palestinian crisis
Nadia Hijab from the Institute for Palestine
The appointment of Tony Blair as the Quartet's Middle East envoy is yet another point that warring Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah disagree upon.
Hamas has spoken out against Blair's appointment calling him dishonest and unhelpful in solving the decades long conflict.
But Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president and leader of Fatah, has welcomed his appointment. 
With Gaza and the West Bank now split between the two groups how can anyone make real progress and move forward with the peace process?
Nadia Hijab from the Institute for Palestine Studies joins the show from Washington to discuss the ongoing crisis and whether the Palestinians will welcome Blair's involvement.
Military might in Pakistan
Aisha Siddiqi, the author of a controversial
book about Pakistan's military
Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistani president, has been under increasing pressure over the last few months due to a ham-fisted attempt to fire the chief-justice combined with increasing popular intolerance with the military leader.
With his term expiring at the end of the year, he seems determined to hold on to power but Pakistan's constitution prohibits him from continuing as president unless he steps down as the chief of the army.
Aisha Siddiqi, the author of the controversial book Military Inc, Inside Pakistan's Military Economy, joins the show to discuss the role of the military in Pakistan. It has, after all, been in power for half of the country's 60 year history.
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