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Mustafa Barghouti
Mustafa Barghouti, Palestinian
information minister
During the past week more than 40 people have been killed in Gaza in factional in-fighting between Hamas and Fatah. Israel has also re-entered the equation - although they were never very far away - by bombing Hamas targets in retaliation for rocket attacks on Israel.
Mustafa Barghouti, the Palestinian information minister, joins Sir David Frost to discuss the factional in-fighting shaking Gaza and the Palestinian unity government and the Israeli attacks.
An independent who has served as a mediator between the two Palestinian factions on many occasions, Barghouti talks about responsibility for the recent violence, a violent Palestinian culture, the obstacles facing democracy in the Palestinian Authority and the absence of a partner for peace.
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Ali Allawi
Ali Allawi
This week thinktank Chatham House said that Iraq is facing the possibility of collapse and fragmentation if there is not a radical change in strategy. It suggested that there is not just one civil war taking place there but many and that the Iraqi government is powerless in much of the country.
Ali Allawi was once at the centre of the government as a senior adviser to the prime minister and as minister of defence and minister of finance.
He joins Sir David Frost to discuss his new book The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace and how his perceptions of the current situation in Iraq support those of Chatham House.
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Gene Wilder
Gene Wilder
The 73-year-old actor and screenwriter has turned his energies to writing and his first novel is out now.
He talks to Sir David Frost about writing his autobiography two years ago and how that experience inspired him to keep writing; resulting in the transformation of a screenplay with a great story but terrible script that he wrote 38 years ago into his first novel.
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Algerian elections
Haim Malka
Parliamentary elections have taken place in Algeria against a backdrop of simmering violence.
Haim Malka from the Center for Strategic and International Studies joins the show to discuss how much of a threat the Algerian Islamic militia poses to the country's developing democracy and what impact the election results will have on Algeria, the region and the ongoing insurgency in the country.
Hugh Masekela
Hugh Masekela 
The struggle against apartheid in South Africa was played out in many different arenas - politics, sport, theatre and music.
The leader of the musical struggle, South African Jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela, joins Sir David Frost 13 years after Nelson Mandela's election as president to discuss the role music played in the fight against apartheid and in increasing the world's consciousness of what was going on in South Africa.
He also discusses how he feels about South Africa's current state - rejecting the movie-style representation of post-apartheid South Africa in favour of an understanding of the country that takes into consideration the baggage that came with the end of apartheid.
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Source: Al Jazeera