Mustafa Barghouti joins Sir David Frost from the
Dead Sea in Jordan
Mustafa Barghouti, the information minister in the Palestinian National Unity Government, joins Frost Over The World from the Dead Sea in Jordan as factional violence and Israeli air raids shake Gaza.

He talks about the Israeli attacks and insists that the Palestinians have no partner for peace.

As an independent in the government, he has often served as a mediator between Hamas and Fatah and he offers his insight into the ongoing conflict between the two factions, including his suggestion that a culture of violence and a lack of commitment to democracy among some people on both sides are key factors in their failure to end the factional infighting.

Mustafa Barghouti

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He suggests that external interventions in the Palestinian issue also serve to perpetuate the conflict.

He says: "What we need from the world community is not more weapons, is not more guns, is not more incitement so that Palestinians would kill each other.

"What we need is money for health, for education, for infrastructure.

"What we need is to lift this embargo that is killing us and driving 90 per cent of the people under the line of poverty."

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This interview aired on18 May 2007.

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