Peter Mandelson on Frost Over The World
On the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, which established what was then called the Common Market but is now named the European Union, Sir David Frost talks to Peter Mandelson, the European external trade minister.

Sir David Frost asks whether 50 years of relative peace in Europe can be attributed to the European Union or whether the nuclear deterrent was responsible.

He also asks whether at 50 years old, the European Union is facing a mid-life crisis?

Peter Mandelson

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As well as discussing the issues affecting the European Union today, such as expansion and the stalemate over the establishment of a European constitution, Sir David Frost probes the former member of the British parliament over his future political ambitions.

He discusses whether he would ever return to British politics and how he would like to see the transfer of power from Tony Blair, the British prime minister, to his successor, take place.

Watch the interview here:

This episode of Frost Over The World aired from 23 March 2007.

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