Director Ari Sandel tries to challenge the stereotypical
image of the conflict in the Middle East

In this edition of the Fabulous Picture Show, we screen in its entirety West Bank Story, last year's Oscar-winning live-action short.

This exclusive screening is accompanied by commentary from Ari Sandel, the film's director, and an oft-heated discussion of the film amongst a group of young Palestinians and Israelis. 

Full of dancing, singing and wacky humour, West Bank Story, set on the West Bank, is a spoof of the classic musical West Side Story


It tells of the forbidden love between David, an Israeli soldier, and Fatima, a Palestinian fast-food cashier. 


Growing animosity between their families' rival fast-food establishments – Kosher King and Humus Hut – triggers a chain of events that forces the two warring sides to seek common ground.


West Bank Story is full of dancing, singing and
wacky humour

Ari Sandel set out to make West Bank Story during his graduate studies at the University of Southern California Film School.


Tackling a serious issue with immense humour but a limited budget, the young director tries to challenge the stereotypical image of the conflict in the Middle East – one which, to him, seems to present no hope.


Sandel wants to show how similar both sides are by reducing the dispute to a battle between two falafel joints.

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Source: Al Jazeera