Amanda Palmer and director Philippe Aractingi

This week, The Fabulous Picture Show hosts a special screening of the Lebanese drama Under The Bombs. The film tells the story of a Lebanese mother searching for her missing child amidst the rubble of the 2006 war. It was filmed in the immediate aftermath of the Israeli bombings, and contains images that are absolutely stunning in their immediacy and authenticity. Under The Bombs won the Golden Muhr at the recent Dubai International Film Festival.

Zeina, who has separated from her husband and moved to Dubai, flies into Beirut, frantic after learning that their son has disappeared. Only one taxi driver, Toni, is willing to drive her into the south, where she believes her son to be. As their search takes them past grim tableaux of death and destruction, the disparate duo form an unlikely bond.

Director Philippe Aractingi joins Amanda Palmer at a Q&A to talk about how he funneled his anger over the war into creating an intense human drama, and how he managed to produce this film in the difficult post-war environment.

Paranoid Park

Paranoid Park

Director Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, Elephant) has repeatedly focused on troubled teens in his work, and his latest film, Paranoid Park, is no exception. 


Filmed by the legendary cinematographer Chris Doyle and starring two novice actors, Paranoid Park shows yet another side of Van Sant’s native Portland, Oregon. 


We speak to Van Sant, Doyle, and their young protégés about the film's uncannily naturalistic appeal.

Film Aid

Film Aid at work in Kenya

Life for the Sudanese refugees in Northern Kenya's Kakuma camp is predictably difficult. But an NGO called Film Aid is doing its part to bring relief. 


Refugees are taught to script, shoot and edit films that run the gamut from evocations of their personal conflicts to informative shorts that help other refugees to understand their basic rights. 


We visit the project and meet some enthusiastic budding filmmakers.

Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest

Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest

We stand by as famous French animator Michel Ocelot tests his latest feature Azur and Asmar: The Princes’ Quest on an audience of English schoolchildren.


His epic fairytale takes us on a journey through beautifully 2D/3D animated 18th century Arabia. It is the story of two brothers braving a treacherous journey to rescue a Djinn Fairy.


Beneath the Arabian Nights/Brothers Grimm-style fable is a story of love, tolerance and cross-cultural understanding.

The Kite Runner

 The Kite Runner

Based on one of the most internationally beloved novels of recent years (it has been published in 38 countries), the film adaptation of The Kite Runner faces the daunting task of matching the tremendous appeal of its literary source – not to mention the widely covered controversy over the involvement of its young actors in a rape scene that is central to the story. 

Early reviews have been mixed, but FPS critics believe the film, taken by itself, succeeds on both dramatic and artistic levels. We discuss this with director Marc Foster and actor Khalid Abdalla.


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