Simon Hodge and Michael Reynolds with
FPS presenter Amanda Palmer
This week, The Fabulous Picture Show features Oliver Hodge's documentary Garbage Warrior, about an eco-architect, his crew of renegade house builders, and their determination to create a new generation of houses from the detritus of the modern world.

Hodge and his warrior, Michael Reynolds, join Amanda Palmer to talk about promoting sustainable living in the face of entrenched interests.

Garbage Warrior is the story of Reynolds, who has been passionately experimenting with radical sustainable architecture in a race against global warming. Thirty years ago, he envisioned a home that could heat itself, provide its own water and power, grow its own food, and recycle its waste - all without needing expensive technology.

He also proposed that it could be built anywhere, by anyone, out of the things society throws away. Architect Michael Reynolds set out to build such a home and, over the years, a small community has emerged in the New Mexico desert.

Amanda Palmer finds out how British director Oliver Hodge, shooting for more than three years and boiling down some 350 hours of footage, captured Reynolds' crusade - including clashes with the New Mexico authorities - and his success in rehousing Indonesian victims of the 2004 tsunami. 


This year, the Venice Film Festival celebrated its 75th anniversary with a lineup of world premieres and a cascade of top directors including Wes Anderson, Ang Lee, Peter Greenaway, and Ken Loach. The festival opened with Joe Wright's acclaimed Atonement, a British romantic drama, based on the novel by Ian McEwan, which begins in the 1930s and continues into World War II -  one of 22 films that made it onto the Golden Lion shortlist.

Amanda Palmer attends the most exciting films and events at this year's Venice, and interviews Atonement's Joe Wright and his leading actress, Keira Knightley - the world's number one female box office attraction.

Fright Fest

London's zombie walk participants
Horror-film fans, dressed and made-up up to resemble an army of the undead, recently groaned and slurred through a zombie walk across London's West End in an attempt to break the world record for largest number of zombies to gather in one place. Joined by Stuart Conran, make-up artist for the 2004 zombie spoof Shaun of the Dead, the Fabulous Picture Show team meticulously documents this significant endeavour.

Bollywood Horse Heroes

The Fabulous Picture Show looks at Bollywood's hottest stars on four legs: Baadal, Charlie and Chandni. These horses are the most sought-after film actors in India, and are so precious that they even have stunt-doubles.  We speak to the horses' manager to learn about their lives in the fast lane of Bollywood.

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