Amanda Palmer with Taika Waititi in one of the
funniest Q&As so far
This week, The Fabulous Picture Show hosts the romantic comedy Eagle vs Shark, made by one of New Zealand's leading young comics and filmmakers, Taika Waititi. The director joins Amanda Palmer at a Q&A to talk about his debut independent film which has been wowing audiences since premiering in the official selection at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Eagle vs Shark is about two socially inept misfits, hopeless romantic Lilly who works at a fast food burger chain and the extremely geeky Jared. The highlight of Lilly's day is when Jared comes in to order his lunch. Unfortunately, he is actively avoiding her - until one day when they meet at a 'dress as your own favourite animal' party. He shows up as an eagle and she as a shark…

The funny and touching film looks at how people try, and fail, to connect, and was developed at the prestigious Screenwriters Lab at the Sundance Institute for which Waititi was selected from among 2000 applicants.

In one of the funniest Q&As so far - Waititi is also a stand up comedian - Amanda Palmer finds out how it all came from his feelings of being an outcast.

Master Kishan

Kishan Shrikanth holds the Guinness Record for
being the world's youngest director
Kishan Shrikanth made his first film, Care of Footpath, about children from India's slums fighting for an education, when he was just nine years old and holds the Guinness Record for being the world's youngest director.

Now eleven, Master Kishan is taking Care of Footpath to the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy, Europe's largest for young people. The Fabulous Picture Show follows this precocious young man as he becomes a local Italian celebrity, rubs shoulders with Danny DeVito, attempts to meet his idol Roberto Benigni and hopes to win the festival's competition.

The Bourne Ultimatum

FPS goes behind the scenes of the final part
of the Bourne trilogy, The Bourne Ultimatum
In the final part of the Bourne trilogy, amnesic spy Jason Bourne makes contact with a journalist who has stumbled onto his story – and once again comes to the attention of his former employers, the CIA. As Bourne tries to put together the pieces of his life, the CIA fear he will reveal the existence of their secret programmes and send ruthless assassins in numerous vain attempts to terminate him.

Once again directed by Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, United 93), The Bourne Ultimatum continues the franchise's trademark use of international locations, with Bourne running for his life through Russia, London, Spain, Morocco and New York. The Fabulous Picture Show goes behind the scenes to find out just how they make action this gritty.

The Makhmalbafs

FPS talks to filmmaking team Mohsen and
Samira Makhmalbaf
Makhmalbaf used to refer just to Mohsen, the director of the award winning Kandahar and one of Iran's most celebrated filmmakers. But since his daughter Samira became the youngest filmmaker ever to win the Cannes Film Festival's jury prize for her debut Blackboards in 2000, the name Makhmalbaf has to be shared by a whole film making dynasty – Samira's younger sister made the Blackboards making-of documentary and their brother also gets involved.

The Fabulous Picture Show speaks to filmmaking team Mohsen and Samira about working outside of Iran, their relationship and what happened when Samira's latest film Two Legged Horse was bombed by one of her own extras on location in Afghanistan.

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