Amanda Palmer and Yael Luttwak
In A Slim Peace, director Yael Luttwak finds a unique way to bring together a group of Israeli, Bedouin and Palestinian women – their shared desire to lose weight.

When the peace process broke down in 2000, Luttwak was working with Palestinians and Jews in Israel, and trying to lose weight herself.

On this week's The Fabulous Picture Show, Yael Luttwak joins Amanda Palmer for a Q&A and explains that, "something in my head just connected the two".

She had noticed how women created strong and intimate bonds while trying to reduce the width of their waists, and decided it was the ideal way to create common ground between normally hostile groups.

The idea took her three years to bring to fruition – but the resulting documentary is a fascinating, insightful and at times funny picture of how politics interacts with personal friendship, and weight loss.

The Red Balloon

The Red Balloon

The Red Balloon, about a lonely boy befriended by a mysterious balloon in the streets of Paris, has been inspiring children around the world since it won the Cannes Palme d'Or in 1956.

Now, over 50 years later, the classic has been restored to its former full-colour glory. Amanda Palmer talks to director Albert Lamourisse's son, Pascal, who played the boy in the film.

She also meets Taiwanese director, Hou Hisaou Hsian, whose The Flight of the Red Balloon updates the original's themes of loneliness and friendship to contemporary Paris.

Within Hou's work, the balloon is less a direct participant but a spectator, observing the relationship of an emotionally disabled mother, played by Juliette Binonche, her neglected son, his Chinese nanny and the pressures of modern life.



Taxidermia is the outrageous and often hilarious second film from Hungarian director Gyorgy Palfi.

Part body horror, part satire of life under Hungarian communism and the transition to democracy, Taxidermia is a triptych about three generations of men in one family, including a chronic fetishist, Hungary's world champion speed-eater and a depressed taxidermist.

We look at how Taxidermia is also part of a renaissance of East European film in which young directors are addressing – in many and varied ways – life under communism and the transition to democracy, with award winning films from Germany and Romania.

Zoe Bell – Stunt double

As one of the world's top female stunt doubles, you have probably marvelled at Zoe Bell's work without knowing it.

She started her career at 18 doubling for Lucy Lawless in Zena, Warrior Princess in New Zealand.

But when Zena died, she moved to Hollywood, where her willingness to take on any challenge, no matter how difficult, convinced Quentin Tarantino to let her double for Uma Thurman in both his Kill Bill films.

We watch her tumble, dive and get set on fire, and go behind-the-scenes on Tarantino's latest film, Death Proof, in which Bell even gets to do a bit of acting.

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