Amanda with Director Pavla Fleisher and Eugene Hutz
On a road trip across Eastern Europe, documentary maker Pavla Fleischer fell for the wild charms of Gypsy punk musician Eugene Hutz, lead singer of New York band Gogol Bordello.


Captivated by Eugene's untamed energy, Pavla decided to make him the subject of her new film, and together they embarked on a journey across Roma Gypsy territory pursuing Ukraine-born Hutz's musical roots.


The result, The Pied Piper of Hützovina, is a fascinating portrait of both Pavla and Eugene, each in search of separate goals. 


Pavla's attempts to grow close to Eugene are frustrated by his unruly temperament, which sees him disappearing on the road, cavorting in the streets, and enchanting everyone he encounters with musical gusto.


Eugene Hutz and Sasha Kolpakov

But despite the film's feisty tempo, an intimate study of both artists emerges, and Pavla gently unveils a man rediscovering a deep connection with his family and past.


In our most musical Q&A to date, the director Pavla Fleischer and the Piped Piper himself, Eugene Hutz, join Amanda Palmer at the Everyman Cinema Club, with a guest appearance from Eugene's hero, virtuoso seven-string Gypsy guitarist Sasha Kolpakov. 


Sasha, watching the film for the first time, described it as a "turning point" in the representation of Gypsies.


Najwa Najjar


Yasmine's Song 
In 2006 Najwa Najjar made history as the first female Palestinian film maker to be featured in Berlin Film Festival's official selection.


Her short film Yasmine's Song was chosen from over 1250 entrants and tells the moving love story of a flower seller and a village girl, separated by the barriers of life in modern day Palestine, not least Israel's 680 kilometre wall.


Najwa, who started her career as a documentary maker, talks candidly about living and working under occupation, and the extraordinary circumstances in which her characters exist.  

Michel Gondry


French director Michel Gondry
and Amanda Palmer
With the imminent release of his new film The Science of Sleep, we talk to French director Michel Gondry. From painter to rock musician, Michel's career has followed various paths. Starting out by making music videos for his own band, he was soon spotted by Iceland's best known artist Björk and went on to direct five of her solo music videos, including Human Behaviour.


Hollywood beckoned, with Michel's first feature, Human Nature (2001), quickly followed by the film which made his name and proved Jim Carrey could act: the cerebral romantic comedy Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004).


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