Amanda Palmer with filmmakers, Swel & Imad Noury
Rather than guess what cinema audiences want to know from filmmakers, The Fabulous Picture Show invites them to ask the questions.
The Fabulous Picture Show (FPS) is hosted from a live cinema event that brings filmmakers from across the world face-to-face with an international audience, and lets the public set the agenda.

After watching a specially screened film at the Everyman Cinema Club in London, our audience is invited by Entertainment Editor and presenter Amanda Palmer to question the guests in a lively, insightful, and often revealing debate.
As well as seeing filmmakers face their public, Amanda Palmer and the FPS team also talk to actors, directors, cinematographers, composers, costume and set designers –  just about everyone involved in making interesting films.
Our features cover everything from world cinema, to experimenta, from the best of Hollywood to Nollywood, from shorts and music videos to documentary-style pieces that tell the stories of real people engaged in all levels of filmmaking.
Whether we’re covering the latest glitzy Hollywood premiere, or the most moving personal story, The Fabulous Picture Show aims to apply rigorous journalistic standards, a critical contextualising eye and, where appropriate, an irreverent sense of humour.
Amanda Palmer conceived The Fabulous Picture Show concept series, and leads a talented team in producing the bi-monthly programme for Al Jazeera English's entertainment strand.


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