The Fabulous Picture Show
Rather than guess what cinema audiences want to know from filmmakers, The Fabulous Picture Show invites them to ask the questions.
The Fabulous Picture Show (FPS) is hosted from a live cinema event that brings filmmakers from across the world face-to-face with an international audience, and lets the public set the agenda.

After watching a specially screened film at the Everyman Cinema Club in London, our audience is invited by entertainment editor and presenter Amanda Palmer to question the guests in a lively, insightful, and often revealing debate.

As well as seeing filmmakers face their public, Amanda Palmer and the FPS team also talk to actors, directors, cinematographers, composers, costume and set designers –  just about everyone involved in making interesting films.
Our features cover everything from world cinema, to experimenta, from the best of Hollywood to Nollywood, from shorts and music videos to documentary-style pieces that tell the stories of real people engaged in all levels of filmmaking.
Whether we're covering the latest glitzy Hollywood premiere, or the most moving personal story, The Fabulous Picture Show aims to apply rigorous journalistic standards, a critical contextualising eye and, where appropriate, an irreverent sense of humour.

Amanda Palmer conceived The Fabulous Picture Show concept series, and leads a talented team in producing the bi-monthly programme for Al Jazeera English's entertainment strand.


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Special Screening - Day Night Day Night
Amanda Palmer and Julia Loktev
New York director Julia Loktev has created an intriguing film about the last two days of an American female suicide bomber. Known only as She, we never learn the woman's beliefs, or why she plans to detonate herself in Times Square.

But the tight, and at times humorous film just keeps picking up festival awards, so far winning a highly prestigious Independent Sprit Award at the 2007 ceremony in LA as well as nods from the Cannes and Chicago film festivals.

Julia Loktev answers our audience’s challenging questions about her enigmatic film in a very lively Q&A session, hosted by The Fabulous Picture Show presenter Amanda Palmer.

Gabriella Pescucci
Gabriella Pescucci
We travel to Rome, the capital of the Italian film industry, to catch up with Oscar-winning Italian costume designer Gabriella Pescucci. Over her forty year career she has "dressed the cinema" for many acclaimed films including The Age of Innocence.

Gabriella invites Amanda to Cinema Va Di Moda, a catwalk tribute to celebrate sixty years of Italian cinema and costume. In her role as Artistic Director, we are led backstage as a cast of two hundred models are transformed into legendary characters from the world of Italian cinema.

Our private tour continues to the renowned Tirelli design studio, which has hosted some of the most famous fittings since 1964.Here we see first hand the processes of Gabriella's work, from hand-drawn sketches to the final costumes. 

Ten Canoes
Jamie Gulpilil in
Ten Canoes
As Aboriginal actor and Ten Canoes' narrator David Gulpilil knowingly intones, this is 'a story like you've never heard before’. Shot on location in the remote Arafura Swamp region of Australia's Northern Territory, it's the first major Australian feature to be filmed entirely in indigenous languages.

Ten Canoes is a cautionary tale of love, revenge and murder, and a rare window on a little-known culture. But this is no history lesson - the witty narration and often bawdy script poke fun at our preconceptions of indigenous culture. 22-year-old Jamie Gulpilil follows in his father's footsteps to make an impressive debut as naïve, love-struck Dayindi.

The Fabulous Picture Show travels to the Outback to meet the director and cast, and talk to them about the experience of making a major film in a community of just 700 people.

This edition of The Fabulous Picture Show will air daily from Saturday 21st April 2007 at the following times:
Saturday 21st April – 14:30 and 22:30 GMT; Sunday 22nd April – 02:30 and 12:30 GMT;
Monday 23rd April – 07:30 GMT; Tuesday 24th April – 07:00 and 13:30 GMT;
Wednesday 25th April – 00:30, 11:30 and 20:30 GMT; Thursday 26th April – 05:30 and 19:30 GMT;
Friday 27th April – 03:00 and 16:30 GMT; Saturday 28th April – 06:30 GMT

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