Eternal youth. Living for hundreds of years. The search to the secret to eternal life goes back thousands of years. So far it is a quest that has utterly failed.
'The Death of Ageing' won a gold medal in the Science & Technology category

But many believe these ideas could be part of the not-so-distant future. There is a movement of people trying to defeat ageing and some of the ills associated with it - some say, even death itself. It is a prospect that seems both fascinating and terrifying. 

The titans of Silicon Valley are building an industry around those ideas. Google recently announced a spin-off research and development company, Calico, to disrupt ageing. And entrepreneurs are now collaborating with some of the world's leading scientists to try to extend healthy life.

But what are the consequences of this research? What price could we pay for it? Can everyone really afford eternal youth? And does a world where humans live radically longer lives change the meaning of life itself? 

Fault Lines travels to Japan to meet a researcher obsessed with immortality and to California to meet scientists who are pushing the boundaries of biotechnology to find out how we might achieve longer, healthier lives - and who will have access to such a future. 

Source: Aljazeera