Everywoman went to Khandwa in Madhya
Pradesh, the site of the most recent protests 
The women of India have a long history of mounting protests and the latest one is over the control of Narmada River, a critical source of water for families in that area.


The women there are fighting against a succession of dams being constructed along the length of the river which have resulted in millions of people losing their homes and their main source of water.


The most recent protest has taken place at Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh.

Green Weddings

In rural India, a tradition performed as part of the marriage ceremony is helping to prevent ecological damage. 


The tree saplings are grown and cared for by
young girls
Tree saplings are grown and cared for by young girls, who then plant the tree when they get married.


It's called the Maiti movement, and it helps preserve the forests on which some 300 million people depend for their livelihoods.


Everywoman went to Maloon in the foothills of the Himalayas, one of the thousands of villages where the movement has taken root. 


Poppadom Power

One of India's most successful women entrepreneurs is Jashwantiben Popat. She's an eighty-year-old grandmother and an amazing woman.


She had just three dollars in her pocket when she founded the co-operative Lijjat Papad which sells poppadoms, the crispy Indian snack eaten with curry.


Now, it's a global brand name, and employs 42,000 women across India. But the original aim of the organisation remains empowering women to work for themselves.


One Night of Freedom

One night every year the women of Jodhpur
are allowed to behave like men
We end this trip to India in the city of Jodhpur where for one night every year the women are allowed to behave like men.


They dress up in men's clothes, stick on false moustaches, and run round with sticks, beating any poor unfortunate males they find out on the streets.


And why do they do this?


Because they're re-enacting the legend of a domestic row between the Hindu god Shiva and his wife Ganwar. 
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