Li Ying is a business-woman who has competed and
won in a male dominated society
This week on Everywoman we revisit our series from China.

Who could forget the new breed of savvy city-dwellers.

The woman worth millions in a male-dominated car industry, the brains and beauty of the top Chinese supermodel and Sex and the City - the controversial film making waves in Chinese society.

China is the world's fastest growing economy - and the major businesses there are, of course, run by men.

Everywoman has found the high-profile exception, a businesswoman who has competed and won in a male dominated industry.

In a society where many women are still dependent on their husbands, Li Ying is worth a cool $65 million. In this episode of Everywoman, we hear about life in the fast lane.

And it is not just in business that women are refusing to take the back seat.

Breaking Taboos

Conservative China is being shaken by a woman who does something previously unheard of - she publicly and openly discusses sex on the internet.

She is constantly monitored by the authorities, but the online blogger known as Hooligan Yen says she is just expressing herself.

Beauty and brains

Everywoman follows the Chinese supermodel who
decided to give it all up and go back to school
Modelling in China is a fairly new concept and a job that is of course dependent on looks and youth. 

But one international supermodel who reached the dizzy heights of fame and fortune decided that her brain had to count too.

So she gave it all up to go back to school.

Changes and liberation

Women in China have experienced more changes in one lifetime then their western sisters have in several generations.

But society is having a tough time getting to grips with this liberation.

A recent film described as the Chinese version of Sex and the City caused an outcry on its release - critics called it immoral - but fans said it simply challenged male chauvinistic attitudes.

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This episode of Everywoman aired on Friday, April 18, 2008

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