The Philippines government has announced a ban on
domestic workers travelling to Jordan

Every year thousands of women from countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia travel to the Middle East to work in Arab households.

Some end up in a living hell. The lack of labour rights mean many do not get paid or are not allowed any time off. 

Some suffer physical and emotional violence at the hands of their employers.

The situation has become so bad in Jordan, that the government in the Philippines has announced a temporary ban on domestic workers travelling there. 

The United Nations Women's Fund (Unifem) has played a key role in negotiations between the Jordanian government and the Philippines.

Mouna Ghanem, Unifem's regional programme director, joins Shiulie Ghosh in the Everywoman studio to discuss what Jordan is doing about the problem.

Betty Makoni interview

Betty Makoni was raped by a local shopkeeper
when she was six years old

Rape and sexual assaults in Zimbabwe are amongst the highest in the world, fuelled by an ignorant belief that having sex with a virgin can cure Aids.

It is estimated by some groups that up to 40,000 women and girls are attacked every year.

One of those victims was Betty Makoni. When she was just six years old, she and three of her friends were raped by a local shopkeeper.

Now Betty has become one of Zimbabwe's most prominent campaigners against child sex abuse.

(Additional footage courtesy of Jared Kelly and The LIFT Project.)

Youth Camp

A Muslim youth camp has opened in California

Summer Camp is big part of many American children's lives.

It is a place to meet new friends, play sport and generally make the most of the summer.

Now the Muslim Youth Camp has opened in California, where kids from Islamic backgrounds in the US can explore their faith, as well as have fun.

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