Linet Miriti talks to Everywoman about the high rate of
attacks on female Kenyan parliamentary candidates

This week Everywoman goes back to Kenya post-elections for an update on the political violence that has gripped the country since the elections on December 27.

The disputed re-election of President Kibaki has caused a wave of unrest across the country, with opposition groups accusing him of rigging the polls. 

Just before the voting began we spoke to Linet Miriti from Unifem East Africa about the high rate of attacks on female parliamentary candidates.

Linet is back with us to tell us what has been happening as far as the women are concerned.

Jewish women and divorce

Hundreds of women are trapped by their

Under Jewish law, when a couple divorce, the husband gives the wife a "get" - basically, a bill of divorce. 

But, if the husband refuses to give it to her, she is forced to live as an Agunah: A chained woman, treated as though she were still married by the Jewish community even though the marriage is over.

That means any relationship she has with another man is deemed adulterous, and any children she has are regarded as illegitimate.

Everywoman investigates the misery of hundreds of women trapped by their marriage. 

Breast Cancer – Diva Diary

Many of you may remember Rebecca Lipkin, an Al Jazeera producer who developed a rare form of breast cancer and was brave enough to share with us her video diary chronicling her battle over the past year.

Well, the good news is that Rebecca is now officially in remission, and she joins us from London.

MG Magazine

Muslim Girl magazine has been launched for
Muslim teenagers
To the United States where in the post 9/11 world, Muslim teenagers often feel isolated or stereotyped.  Adolescent girls in particular struggle with their image as oppressed victims. Now a new magazine has been launched especially for them.

Muslim Girl magazine contains stories about female role models, a problem page, and fashion and make-up tips - albeit for a conservative audience. Everywoman went to see what its readers thought of it.

And finally, a look at some of the news making the headlines this week.
Thousands of activists hit the streets of Washington to mark the 35th anniversary of Roe vs Wade - the Supreme Court landmark decision legalising abortion in the United States in 1973. But today the battle continues between opponents of abortion and those who advocate a woman's right to choose.

Women too are making the news in Norway, where companies are facing closure for not putting more women at the top. Legislation passed four years ago requires firms to ensure at least 40 per cent of their boardrooms are women. Critics say its bad for business but Norway does lead the field for the number of female directors.
And some good news out of Saudi Arabia this week. Not only has the government decided that women can now stay in hotels on their own, without a male guardian, there are also plans to lift the ban on women driving. It comes after female protestors drove cars through Saudi in defiance of the ban, as we reported last year.

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