Flora Igoki Terah was beaten by a group of men who
did not want her running for MP
Voting in the Kenyan elections will take place on December 27. But the run-up violence against female candidates has reached an all-time high.

Just last week parliamentary hopeful and single mother of four Alice Onduto was shot dead outside her sister's house. Although she had not been chosen to represent her party in parliamentary elections she had been vocal in her support of other candidates.
Historically, violence has erupted in Kenya during and in the lead up to elections. But in recent times that violence has almost solely been directed at female candidates.
During the campaign so far 255 cases of assault on women have been reported. Police response has been slow. So far they have failed to make a single arrest.
Everywoman asks what this means for women's political participation in a country where only 10 per cent of candidates in the election are women.
Everywoman presenter Shiulie Ghosh is joined in the studio by Dr Margaret Hutchinson from the Education Centre for Women in Democracy, and by Linet Miriti, director of Unifem's regional office in East Africa to discuss the issues. 

Everywoman Update

It is approaching the end of 2007 and Everywoman caught up with some of the stories that have intrigued, touched or shocked the audience over the past year. 

SPECIAL - Brute force

We reported on women who had been sexually assaulted whilst serving in the US military. Jessica now says she has changed the focus of her fight and is now lobbying for change in the way that sexual assault is reported within the army's chain of command. 

The Diva Diaries

Following chemotherapy Rebecca's
cancer has been virtually eradicated

Many of you were touched by the story of our self proclaimed Cancer Diva, Rebecca Lipkin who earlier this year was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer - a rare but deadly form of the disease.

Well the news is good. Following chemotherapy and a mastectomy, scans show that the cancer has been virtually eradicated.
The crime of apostasy

Revathi is now back with her husband and
daughter but their battle continues

Another story that made headlines was that of Revathi - a  young Malaysian woman whose  15-month old child was taken away from her when Revathi was accused of apostasy.

Revathi is now back with her husband and daughter but their battle continues. They are now trying to change their daughter's birth certificate to reflect her Hindu parentage.

The Kumari of Nepal
And finally many of you were intrigued by the story of the living Goddesses from Nepal.

Sanjani from Bhakptapur was dethroned from her Kumari status after she visited America to promote a documentary film.

Kumari's are forbidden from leaving Nepal. However, she has been reinstated and is now back in Nepal. Both Shaneera and Amrita are doing well at school.

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