The couple from Leeds met at a local park and fell in
In the first of our series of programmes from London, Everywoman looks at the growing number of women being murdered in so-called 'honour killings'. 

According to official figures it is on the rise throughout Europe. In the UK alone 12 women are killed every year by members of their own families in so-called 'honour crimes'.

Experts say the real figure could be far higher and the numbers are rising.

This year British police announced that they are re-examining over 2000 murder cases going back over a decade. So far 19 have been found to be honour killings. A further 20 involved some element of honour-related violence.

But while many have welcomed the moves, critics say the authorities are still too concerned about upsetting cultural sensitivities, and more needs to be done to help potential victims. 

Jack and Zena's story 

Surjit was lured to India for a family wedding
and never returned
Jack and Zena Briggs (not their real names) went on the run 14 years ago after Zena's family vowed to kill them. The couple from Leeds met at a local park and fell in love.

Since then they have had to move over 30 times and have had several name changes. 

Jack and Zena come on the programme to tell Everywoman their story, and why they have now chosen to come out of hiding. 

Surjit's story

After tireless campaigning by her family the
case finally reached court

In the summer of 2007 Surjit Athwal's husband and 70-year-old mother-in-law were convicted of her murder.

Nine years ago, Surjit was lured to India for a family wedding. She never returned and has not been seen by her family or friends since. Surjit's crime? Wanting to divorce her husband.

Yet it was only after tireless campaigning by her family – and in particular by her brother Jagdeesh - that Surjit's case finally reached court.
Jagdeesh joins Shiulie in the studio along with Diana Nammi, an expert on the issue of honour crimes. He describes his continuing campaign to find other family members, still in India, who are also responsible for Surjit's death.

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