Female veterans

This month World War One allies will mark Armistice Day as usual on the 11th. But for many of today's former soldiers, the end of hostilities does not mean the end of the battle for survival.

Women soldiers make up 15 per cent of the US military, and more than 150,000 of them have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of these veterans come home bearing physical and mental scars, only to face another fight - against health care bureaucracy, unemployment, and high housing costs.

Everywoman's Shiulie Ghosh discusses the issues involved with Denise Williams who works for the American Legion, an organisation that consults with the US government's veterans affairs department.

Shauna Singh Baldwin

Canadian author Shauna Singh Baldwin

Since 9/11, life for those of Asian origin in the US has changed dramatically. With hate crime and forced deportations, many people's experience is one of fear and mistrust.


Shauna Singh Baldwin, a Canadian-born Indian Sikh, is a writer who has used her work to explore some of these issues.

In her latest collection of short stories, We are Not in Pakistan, Shauna describes how the every day lives of ordinary people are affected by global events. 
Ms Senior America Pageant

Entrants for this year's Ms Senior America

What is your idea of an old granny?

I bet it's not this!

These are the entrants for this year's Ms Senior America in Las Vegas, and these ladies defy all the stereotypes as they show they are just as glamorous as women half their age.

Watch American women veterans here:

Watch Shauna Singh Baldwin & Ms Senior America here:

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This episode of Everywoman aired from November 09, 2007.

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