Aids and HIV has hit the headlines this month with a new UN report saying the number of global cases has been greatly overestimated. Many campaigners would argue with that, but even so it still means that over 33 million people are living with Aids and HIV worldwide. The worst affected region is sub-Saharan Africa, where more than half the sufferers are women.

South Africa has the highest number of cases  
of Aids in the world
In South Africa the number of HIV cases is the highest in the world and 25 years after the first diagnosis many communities are finding it hard to cope and accuse the government of not doing enough.
In particular women are vulnerable because of their dependency on men and because of the high number of rapes - shockingly a woman is assaulted every 26 seconds in South Africa.

Journalist Charlene Smith was raped in her home several years ago and she tells Everywoman why she disagrees with the UN report.

In 2004, the South African government said it would make antiretroviral drugs publicly available. But now in 2007 only a third of HIV/Aids patients are receiving treatment. In recent times Thabo Mbeki has pledged to improve access to these drugs, something that civil rights groups have hailed as a turning point. 

Zinhle Thabethe has found hope through
anti-retroviral treatment
Our film tells the story of Zinhle, a woman who has found hope through anti-retroviral treatment in South Africa.

Zinhle sings in a choir along with other people affected by HIV/Aids in her village. She also educates other young people on how to prevent infection.

Our second guest is Boniswa Seti of the Treatment Action Campaign who tells Everywoman about the importance of anti-retroviral drugs and why they should be more readily available.

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