Everywoman travelled to Egypt to tackle the thorny
subject of relationships

On Everywoman this week we travel to Egypt to tackle the thorny subject of relationships. Does the secret of success lie in the bedroom? And what about frustration, can it threaten women's safety? Is it one of those things that people think a lot about, but rarely discuss?



Sex is a subject rarely talked about publicly, especially in the Middle East. But should men be asking themselves how to satisfy their wives? Dr Heba Koteb certainly thinks so. She is Egypt's first TV sexologist. She answers the questions that not many people dare to ask. And her show is gathering a growing audience, and she is particularly popular among brides-to-be, for obvious reasons. Everywoman took a look at the controversial show and the issues it has raised among women and men. 


Shiulie Ghosh is joined in the studio by Abier el Barbary, a psychologist and counsellor at the American University in Cairo. Abier tells Everywoman that the lack of sex education in schools plays a big part in the confusion. Her main concern is that when women themselves wish to know more they are often labelled as unvirtuous. The answer, she suggests, lies in changing attitudes.


Sexual harrassment is a growing concern on
the streets of Cairo

We take a look at what confusion and frustration can lead to. An unfortunate side effect of the lack of discussion on the subject of sex has led in some cases to a growing trend of sexual harassment on the streets of Cairo.


Late last year a number of women were attacked by a group of men outside a cinema in Cairo. Frighteningly even those dressed modestly were targeted - women were groped and many had their clothes torn. Some even had their hijabs pulled off. 


While some blame it on the frustration of young men who are unable to get married for economic reasons our guest Abier el Barbary argues that this is not an acceptable excuse as women's lives are often endangered. She calls on the authorities to take a more proactive role in preventing it from happening again.


Activists are now pressing for tougher laws against these kinds of assaults
What about you at home; do you think sex is something people should be discussing more, or should it be kept private?


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This episode of Everywoman aired from Friday 19 October 2007.

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