Dee Sidhu won her battle against Breast
Cancer and is now helping others

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month across most of the world. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women worldwide. Every year one and a half million new cases are diagnosed; and according to the World Health Organisation over 500,000 women die.
Breast cancer is something we have been highlighting here on Everywoman; one of our colleagues Rebecca Lipkin has contracted a rare form of the disease and has been sharing her experiences with us through her video diaries.

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"Rebecca, I love your attitude, with it you will conquer your cancer. Stay strong and you will continue to inspire allZ".

MrJunoBeach via YouTube

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Sadly Rebecca is too ill to be with us today. But as she says, the key to early detection and treatment of Breast Cancer is awareness. 
Shiulie is joined in the studio by Dr Houriya Kazim, a leading Breast Cancer specialist in the Middle East. Dr Kazim is the first female surgeon in the United Arab Emirates and the founder of the first Well Woman Clinic which helps women suffering with Breast Cancer.



Turkish women fight back

 Women's groups have fought
hard for legal and political equality with men
In Turkey women's groups have fought hard for legal and political equality with men. Thanks to their efforts a clause was included in the current constitution, article 10, which guarantees equal rights for all. Yet that could be about to change.


A new draft constitution wants to remove this clause and replace it with one describing women as a vulnerable group needing special protection. Rights activists are furious, saying it sets the country back years in terms of gender equality. 
For more on the impact of this Shiulie is joined from Ankara, by Dr. Feride Acah of the Gender and Women's Studies graduate programme at the Middle East Technical University.


Stories from the Chinese City

Online blogger Hooligan Yen openly discusses
sex on the internet
In the last in our series of stories from China, we meet a woman who does something previously unheard of in such a conservative society.


She publicly and openly discusses sex on the internet. She calls herself a "loose" woman and she is constantly monitored by the authorities. She says she is just expressing herself.

Everywoman reporter Ju Lin Ong went to meet the online blogger known as Hooligan Yen.



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