Elizabeth Macdonald talks about the
Forbes 100 women

What do Condoleezza Rice, Sonia Gandhi and Tzipi Livni have in common?


They are not just high profile female politicians, they are, in fact, among the world's most powerful women.


Forbes magazine has just published its annual list of the top 100 women in business and politics.


Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, is number one for the second year running. But what is really interesting is how well Asian women are doing and the increasing profile of women from the Middle East


Everywoman presenter Shiulie Ghosh is joined from New York by Forbes magazine senior editor Elizabeth MacDonald who tells us how they make up the list and about some of the "women who make things happen".

Iranian Women Writers


Iranian women writers talk about the
restrictions of writing in Iran
It has been six months since police in Tehran violently broke up a peaceful gathering of activists who were marking International Women's Day. 


In Iran's climate of repression, women are carefully controlled in what they can do, say, or wear.


But they continue to find ways to reflect their struggle and one of these ways is through the written word.


Female writers are starting to emerge - pushing the boundaries, and daring to bring up new ideas. 


It is a tricky balancing act; not only does the government censor their work, they also have to be careful what they say to friends and family to avoid condemnation.

But, as Everywoman reports, Iran's women writers are determined to make their voices heard.

Jordanian women & Cedaw


Last month, women activists from Jordan went to New York to present a report on their government's compliance with a UN convention aimed at ending discrimination against women. 

Jordon ratified the convention, known as Cedaw, in 1992 - but it made some reservations which campaigners say affect women's rights and leave them open to abuse and hardship.
Now Jordan's government says it will end such discrimination.


Shiulie is joined from Amman in Jordan by Afaf Jabiri, the regional co-ordinator for the Karama Group, who was part of the delegation that put its findings before the UN.

The Cancer Diva Diaries


Rebecca Lipkin talks about
undergoing chemotherapy
On Everywoman we have been highlighting the physical and emotional struggle of one of our colleagues who is suffering from breast cancer.


In June of this year Rebecca Lipkin was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease which does not show up on routine scans.


She is now undergoing the trauma of chemotherapy. But as this week's video diary shows, she is coping with humour and optimism.


As you might expect we have had an overwhelming response to Rebecca's diaries, many of them very moving. Dinah Rushing emailed us from the United States. She says ...


"In 2000 I was diagnosed with lymphoma at stage 4, with no hope of survival. Since I was such a goner, I qualified for experimental drugs which I took with double doses of chemotherapy every 21 days for six months. Today, I am 5 years plus, cancer free, into remission. So never give up your quest for research, do your homework, use the internet and family and friends and colleagues or anyone willing to talk about your cancer. You can beat it!"


And many of you have also sent your views via YouTube ... like this one ...


"Rebecca, I love your attitude - with it you will conquer your cancer. Stay strong and you will continue to inspire all."


Have you, or one of your friends or family suffered from Breast Cancer? We want to hear from you. Visit the Al Jazeera website at:  www. aljazeera.net/English and click on programmes, then Everywoman to find out more.


Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Rebecca will be joining the programme in person.

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This episode of Everywoman aired from 14 September 2007.

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