Farm animals are used as compensation
Sogit Rape

Sabah in Northern Borneo is Malaysia's second largest state, and an area where traditional customs hold sway. One of these is sogit, a system of fines used to resolve different types of transgressions.

And that includes the crime of rape - if a man is found guilty, he is expected to compensate his victim with some money and 3 pigs for example. Not surprisingly, sogit has been condemned by women's groups for not being harsh enough.

Yet many villagers continue to use the system. Our reporter Ju Lin met one woman who was raped by her employer and sought justice the Sogit way.

 Qatar's first female paramedics

999 Ladies

When the Red Crescent Society recommended that women should be allowed to become paramedics, Qatar was one of the first countries in the Gulf to take the lead.

So one year on, how successful has the move been?

Everywoman was given exclusive access to the 999 ladies of Hamad Hospital, here in Doha.


Angelika Schrobesdorff escaped war-torn Germany in 1939. For the last 40 years she's lived in Israel. But then the Israelis built the West Bank Barrier separating them from the Palestinians, something she felt very deeply was wrong.

Now, at nearly 80 years old, Angelika has taken the difficult decision to move back to a Germany she barely remembers. She spoke to Jacky Rowland.

Nontsiki Biyela - SA's first female winemaker
Women wine-makers

As a young Zulu girl growing up in the impoverished eastern region of South Africa, Nontsikelo Biyela knew nothing about the wine industry, although she did learn how to brew beer. But then fate stepped in. 

In 1999, Nontsiki won a scholarship, and the chance to learn the art of wine making.

She's now one of South Africa's top new wine makers...and one of it's very few black female ones.

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