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Women and debt
Also fashion designer Mani Kholi and the hip-hop band Poetic Pilgrimage.

Baroness Uddin
Everywoman speaks with the Baroness about her work with women in East London.

Kenya elections
Violence against female candidates has reached an all-time high in Kenya.

'Honour killings' in the UK
Everywoman hears from those who have been affected by 'honour crimes'.

South Africa's struggle with Aids
This week Everywoman is marking World Aids Day with reports from South Africa.

Saudi rape trial
The story of the woman gang-raped by seven men and then sentenced to be lashed.

Malaysia wakes up to child abuse 
Everywoman looks at the wall of silence surrounding the crime.

American women veterans
Plus author Shauna Singh Baldwin and beauty queens who defy stereotypes.

Teen cervical cancer vaccinations
Plus witch hunts, Wal-Mart the musical and the mothers of Argentina's disappeared.

Stories from Egypt
We travel to Egypt to tackle the thorny subject of relationships.

Breast cancer
We talk with Dr Houriya Kazim, a leading Middle Eastern breast cancer specialist.

Gurkha widows
Everywoman meets the Nepalese women left in destitution by the British government.

Political violence in Kenya
Plus France's illegal immigrants, Ramadan health and China's top model.

Human trafficking
Plus a Muslim woman's fight to be a US army chaplain and the lives of Chinese women.

Forbes top 100 women
Also Iranian writers, Jordanian women push for equality and our diva diary returns.

Culture shift in Japan
We take a look at the changing lives of women in Japan..

Everywoman favourites
Rape in Borneo, female paramedics, Angelika leaves Israel, and SA's new winemaker.

Susan Sarandon
In this Everywoman exclusive the actress and activist talks to Joanne Levine.
Shiulie Ghosh
Biography: Shiulie Ghosh

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