Cindy Sheehan is one of the most high-profile
opponents of the war in Iraq
We start with the story of Cindy Sheehan, the woman known to millions as 'Peace Mom' – an anti-war activist who took on George Bush, after her son died fighting in Iraq.

She lost her son Casey in 2004; the following year Cindy pitched a tent near President Bush's ranch in Texas.

She camped there for weeks, demanding to meet him and calling for the withdrawal of American troops.

She is one of the most high-profile opponents of the war - but recently she left the Democratic Party after Congress approved continued funding for troops in Iraq. And in May, it appeared she had given up her fight when she declared it was time to go home and be a mother to her surviving children. 

But now she is back. Cindy is taking part in a 13-day protest march to Washington, where she plans to announce her candidacy against the Democrat Nancy Pelosi - unless the US House Speaker seeks impeachment for President Bush by July 23.

Shiulie Ghosh talks to Cindy Sheehan about her new campaign.

Apostasy Update

Revathi  was arrested and charged
with apostasy
Earlier this year we told you the story of Revathi, a woman who was born as a Muslim in Malaysia but wanted to convert to Hinduism.

She changed her name, married a Hindu man and had a baby. At which point she was arrested and charged with apostasy, and detained in a rehabilitation centre for 180 days.

Now Revathi has been released but is still forbidden to live as a Hindu.

In this exclusive interview she and her husband Suresh spoke to Fauziah Ibrahim.

President of Finland

Tarja Halonen, the president of Finland,
spoke to Everywoman
We often talk about women's rights on this programme; when it comes to politics there is one country that has taken a very definite lead.

Finland was the very first country to allow women to stand in national elections, and this year, in a world first, it appointed more women then men as government ministers.

It also has a female president, Tarja Halonen, who recently visited Qatar and gave an exclusive interview to Everywoman's editor, Maire Devine.

She began by talking about the importance of female representation in politics.

Muslim Sorority

Gamma ladies making the most of student life
Fraternities and sororities are the backbone of campus life for students across the world, particularly for American students.

But they are also synonymous with drinking and partying, and these are things which do not mix with Islamic culture.

Now Muslim women have created Gamma Gamma Chi - the first Islamic sorority in the US. Everywoman met some of the Gamma ladies making the most of student life.

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This episode of Everywoman aired from 20 July 2007.

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