Ex Israeli female soldiers are used in PR stunt that
has caused a problem

It has caused a storm in Israel, and offended female politicians who have condemned it as pornographic. It was supposed to improve the country's image but it is a PR stunt that has caused a problem. 

Ex Israeli soldiers, who also happen to be very beautiful women, are shown on the cover of a popular men's magazine wearing nothing but bikinis. The magazine, Maxim, says: "They're drop-dead gorgeous and can take apart an Uzi in seconds."

The Israeli consulate in New York came up with the idea, after research suggested that Israel meant little to men aged 18-38.

Young American men are probably taking rather more notice of the country now, but is it the right way to go about it?

We asked the Israeli consulate to appear on the programme to talk about the campaign but they declined our invitation. Ann Friedman of the feminist website www.feministing.com joins us to discuss the issues raised by the photographs.
Vietnamese brides

Some Vietnamese women are offering themselves as mail order brides

We move from selling sex to buying brides. Thousands of women from Vietnam trying to escape their poverty are offering themselves as mail order brides. And in Singapore, they are in great demand.

Matchmaking agents fly in the prospective brides on tourist visas, promising to find them husbands within two weeks. It may seem exploitative and degrading, but for many Vietnamese women, it is a chance for a new life.

Ju Lin Ong reports on two young women looking not for a man of their dreams, but for a man of means.

Little Mosque on the Prairie

Zarqa Nawaz and Mary Darling

Little Mosque on the Prairie takes a tongue in cheek look at the struggles and misunderstandings of a group of Muslims trying to live in harmony with their rather suspicious small-town neighbours.

The show became an instant hit in Canada when it premiered earlier this year – and it is due to go global as it launches its second season.

The show's creator, Zarqa Nawaz, and executive producer, Mary Darling, join Shiulie from Ottawa.

Iranian women footballers

Iranian women footballers

Little Mosque on the Prairie is unlikely to airing in Iran any time soon.

But there is one thing that is gaining popularity there, and that is women's football. 

Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Iranian women have been banned from going to men's football matches. But they do have their own national football team.

Everywoman joined them as they prepared to play Berlin.

This episdoe of Everywoman aired 29 Jun 2007.

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