Women have been allowed to join Qatar's Internal
Security Force for the first time
This week we are re-showing some of the issues we have highlighted that got a big response from the viewers. And every piece which emerged as a favourite has a definite theme - they are all about women taking charge, and choosing their own destinies.

Lakwhiya Women

None illustrates this better than our top item. For the first time, women have been allowed to join Qatar's Internal Security Force.

They have been trained to shoot, fight, and protect people. But does this cause conflict with their Islamic beliefs?

Everywoman went to meet the Lakwhiya women who truly are making a difference.

The Boxing Sisters

It is not often that something comes along that astonishes me but when I heard about Riham and Fatma Agabaria, I felt I had to tell their story again.

The two girls are Arab Israeli sisters who are conservative Muslims and follow all Islamic beliefs. But they are also boxers, and their dream is to reach international standards in the sport.

It has caused some problems – one religious leader has decreed that women should not be fighting but their family and community are behind them.

Young Australian of 2007

Now Tanya Major is an extraordinary young woman. She is an indigenous aborigine from the Australian Outback, and this year won the Young Australian of the Year Award for drawing the country's attention to the struggles faced by her people.

Many in her community suffer alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, end up in prison or commit suicide.

But Tanya has a vision – she wants to show the children they do have a future, and she works tirelessly to make sure the next generation has a better life.

Single Again

After years of marriage it is hard for women to imagine having fun again when they are suddenly widowed.

But for two Danish women, being single again has not meant loneliness and solitude.

Instead, Bente Mortenson and Bitten Szabo have vowed to live life to the full and they certainly do.

This Episode of Everywoman aired 15 June 2007

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