Egyptian women strike for better pay

For over a month now, workers have been staging a sit-in at a textile factory in rural Egypt. The majority of them are female.

They are sleeping on the factory floors, leaving behind families and children, in their demands for better pay.

Why? Because the average wages for these women is a lowly 30 dollars a month, not enough to feed and clothe their families.

And since 1999, they have not even been paid the bonuses and grants to which they are entitled.

It is just one example of some 200 wildcat strikes which have taken place across Egypt in the past year. Everywoman followed one mother fighting for her future.

Joining Shiulie Ghosh in the studio is Dr Barbara Ibrahim, a director of the Center for Philanthropy at the American University in Cairo and from Cairo, by Egyptian journalist and blogger, Hossam el Hamalawy who has been following these women for over a month now.

Cowgirls at the Rodeo

Everywoman joins two cowgirls competing to be
the best bull rider in the world

Now, it is a crazy way of life but then these are crazy women.

Cowgirls, whose idea of fun is to sit on top of a wild, angry animal and hold on for dear life.

Bull rodeos in America are usually performed by men who risk life and limb to see who can ride the bull the longest.

Believe it or not, the sport is now becoming increasingly popular with women.

We joined two cowgirls in Texas, competing to be the best bull rider in the world.
Nia Dinata on Polygamy

Nia Dinata

Few issues are as controversial as polygamy.

The Quran says a man can take several wives, if he can treat them all equally.

But can there really be total fairness in such a marriage?

Now the thorny subject is the focus of a new film which has won critical acclaim, and the top award at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Love for Share explores polygamy through the eyes of three very different women. It was directed by Indonesian film-maker Nia Dinata, and she joins us from Jakarta.

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Source: Al Jazeera