Morocco is introducing female Islamic preachers, a
first for the region
This week, we are celebrating International Women's Day, a global event connecting women all round the world and marking their achievements.

Shiulie Ghosh is in Doha with Dr Amira Sonbol, a professor of History at the University of Georgetown in Doha specialising in gender and Islam; and from Kuwait Dr Rola Dashti, the first female candidate to stand in parliamentary elections there.

We thought it was a pretty good time to look at the strides women have made, or the barriers they have come up against, in the last year.

Our focus is on the Middle East and Asia where change has been happening at a rapid rate.


In Kuwait women won the right to vote and to stand for parliament; and Yemen saw its first female presidential candidates.


But in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, the situation for women continues to slide backwards.

Divya Gopolan is in Kuala Lumpur for the second half of our programme where she is talking to Luz Martinez from Isis International, a woman's advocacy organisation and Zainah Anwar, executive director of Sisters in Islam.


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