Laleh Bakhtier - interpreting the Quran

Dr Laleh Bakhtiar
In a new interpretation of the Quran that has been published recently, the author challenges the meaning of words that feminists say have been used to justify the abuse of women.

Dr Laleh Bakhtiar, an Iranian-American and Islamic scholar has had to defend her work against critics, who have questioned her interpretation.

Dr Laleh joins Everywoman from Chicago and is joined by Dr Omima Abou-Bakr, a professor from the University of Qatar who disagrees with Dr Laleh's translation.

Fighting for change in Zimbabwe

Sekai Holland
To Zimbabwe, where as we've reported in the past, people campaigning for changes are regularly beaten and locked away by police.

Sekai Holland is a 64-year-old grandmother and the founding member of the Movement for Democratic.

She recently suffered a brutal attack at the hands of the police that resulted in over 80 injuries. She was so badly hurt she had to be evacuated to Johannesburg for medical treatment.

From hospital, she told our reporter Kalay Maistry what happened in Harare.

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