Abortion Debate in the US

Professor Reva Siegel and Linda Greenhouse
The US Supreme Court has just announced the decision to uphold a federal ban on "partial birth" abortion, a specific abortion method that is performed very late in pregnancy if the mother's life is at risk.

It's a decision that in practice doesn't affect many cases at all, but it's being seen by pro-choice campaigners as another step towards overturning the right to abortion in America. This right was enshrined back in 1973 in a legal decision called Roe v Wade.

To discuss the issues involved are Professor Reva Siegel from the Yale Law School and Linda Greenhouse, the Supreme Court Correspondent for the New York Times

Author of The Good Women of China

Xian Ran
Xian Ran was born in China during the cultural revolution. Her best-selling book The Good women of China was based on the hundreds of calls and letters she received from Chinese women when she was hosting a nightly show called ‘Words on the Night-breeze’ during the 1980s.

Now living in London, she recently set up an organization called Mother-Bridge which provides information about the lives of Chinese children who have been adopted by people in the West.

Reem Kelani

Reem Kelani
And staying with cross-cultural identities, our next guest is a Palestinian, born in Manchester in the United Kingdom, and brought up in Kuwait. But Reem Kelani is a singer who evokes the musical traditions of her parent's homeland. She sings about Palestine and the Palestinian diaspora.

Everywoman caught up with her in London.

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This episode of Everywoman aired May 11, 2007.

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