Women's rights activists want changes
to family law
Last June, a group of women's rights activists arranged a peaceful demonstration in Tehran to demand changes to family law and an end to stoning.
Although Iranians have a constitutional right to assemble peacefully, the five women who organised the protest were arrested and charged with endangering national security.
When they were put on trial on March 4, 2007, a group of more then 30 women gathered outside the courtroom to show support. They too were promptly arrested.

Everywoman managed to get footage from the demonstration.
Mahboubeh Abasgholizadeh, one of the 33 women arrested during the March 4 demonstration in front of Tehran's Revolutionary Court, joins Everywoman from her home in Tehran.

She was held in solitary confinement before being released on a bail set at 200 million toman, a prohibitively high amount.

Ziba Mir Hosseini, an anthropologist and filmmaker from London, joins us in our London studio.

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