Jorge Duany is director of the Cuban Research Institute and professor of anthropology at the School of International and Public Affairs at Florida International University.

Sebastian Arcos is associate director of the Cuban Research Institute at the School of International and Public Affairs at Florida International University.

Arnaldo Coro is a co-founder of Radio Havana and host of its English language show DXers Unlimited. He is also a professor of broadcasting at the University of Havana.

Orailda Cabrera is head of the Africa and Middle East Department at the Cuba Friendship Institute.

Marc Frank is a foreign correspondent with Reuters and author of Cuban Revelations: Behind the Scenes in Havana (2013).

Carlos Alzugaray is a Cuban diplomat and a professor at the Center for Hemispheric and United States Studies at the University of Havana.

Reinaldo Taladrid is a former CNN anchor and journalist for Cuban radio and television. He hosts the daily discussion programme "Passage to the Unknown".

Ernesto Daranas is a Cuban filmmaker and director of Conducta.

Florentino Noraz was formerly the head of communications for Che Guevara's Cuban expedition to the Congo in 1965. 

Hugo Cancio is a Cuban-American businessman and the publisher of On Cuba magazine.

Aviva Chomsky is a professor of history and coordinator of Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies at Salem University in Massachusetts. She is the author of numerous books about Latin America, including her latest title, A History of the Cuban Revolution (2010). 

Philip Brenner is a professor at American University's School of International Service in Washington, DC. He has published extensively on US-Cuba relations, US-Latin American relations, contemporary foreign policy, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. He is the author of A Contemporary Cuba Reader: The Revolution under Raul Castro (2014).

Mike Gonzalez is vice president of communications at The Heritage Foundation. A veteran journalist with AFP and The Wall Street Journal, he moved to the US Department of State and the Securities and Exchange Commission under the George W Bush administration prior to joining Heritage.

Mark Weisbrot is an economist, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), as well as president of Just Foreign Policy. He writes extensively on economic policy, and on Latin America and international economic policy.

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Source: Al Jazeera