People lie for profit, for promotion, to cover up their screw-ups, their political agenda, agents lie to their handlers, handlers lie to the bureau chiefs, bureau chiefs lie to cabinet officers who lie to the President, the President lies to us. The problem is that secrets are a trump card because they can’t be challenged.

Larry Beinhart, award-winning author.,

Larry Beinhart is an award-winning American author, whose satirical novel American Hero became the Hollywood political satire, Wag The Dog.

The novel was listed by the Christian Science Monitor as one of the 7 Best Modern Political Novels, and by Capital Magazine as one of the 1,000 Great Books of the Millennium.

Beinhart was the Raymond Chandler Fulbright Fellow in Detective and Crime Fiction Writing at Oxford, where he spent two years. He received the Edgar Award for Best First Novel for No One Rides for Free in 1987. His novel Foreign Exchange was listed on The New York Times' Notable Books of Year in 1991 . His screenplays include an adaptation of his own novel, The Librarian.

Beinhart joined the Empire production team, bringing with him insights on how secrecy in the name of national security is an invitation to lie.







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Source: Al Jazeera