The targets of the spying tended to be organizations that dissented from public policy in various ways so that civil rights organizations were the targets of spying.

Aryeh Neier, founder of Human Rights Watch,

Aryeh Neier, a founder of Human Rights Watch and the president emeritus of the Open Society Foundations, is the author of seven books. His most recent work is The International Human Rights Movement: A History (2012).

Neier founded Human Rights Watch in 1978, and previously served as the national executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

He has taught at New York University, Georgetown University Law School, the University of Siena and the Paris School of International Affairs of Sciences Po.

He shared with Empire a historical perspective of who the government was most likely to spy on, as well as the Bush administration’s unilateral decision to engage in surveillance.





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Source: Al Jazeera