As a citizen of a country which has a very turbulent thousand years of experience with Germany, I'm watching, and we should be watching.

Vladimir Dlouhy, Czech economist

Vladimir Dlouhy is a Czech economist and politician who was the then fledgling Czech Republic’s first minister of industry and trade under Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus from 1992 to June 1997.

He was a member and then the vice chairman of the Civic Democratic Alliance as well as a Member of Parliament.

He is a member of the European Regional Advisory Group of the International Monetary Fund.

Since 2000 he has been a lecturer of macroeconomics and economic policy at Charles University, Prague.

Dlouhy spoke to Empire in Prague to discuss how the eastern and central European countries have been affected by the economic crisis, why the southern countries were not ready for the euro, and whether or not German politicians understood the risks of these countries entering the euro.


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Source: Al Jazeera