January 25 is a day that will live forever in Egyptian history.

Tens of thousands of ordinary citizens occupied Tahrir Square, sparking nationwide protests that were brutally crushed.

But the momentum had changed, and after 18 days, the dictatorship was overthrown.

Democratic elections followed but they produced some surprising results, at least for outside observers.

Islamist parties won two-thirds of the popular vote, a worrying trend some believe might challenge Egypt's secular, cosmopolitan identity.

Even more worrying is the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces or SCAF's refusal to relinquish power. The military still controls the streets.

And the young people who launched the revolution in the first place are left wondering what more they have to do.

With so much still undecided, many are asking: Did Egypt undergo a popular uprising, an Islamic revolution or a military coup?

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Source: Al Jazeera