As our global demand for power increases so does our pollution, with energy-related CO2 emissions expected to rise by 50 percent in the next 15 years. Our reliance on finite and polluting fossil fuels is unsustainable and the need for renewable energy is greater than ever.

One alternative is tidal power. The vast majority of our planet is covered with constantly moving oceans and currents - and these represent a huge and consistent source of renewable energy. But conventional tidal turbines are big, expensive and can only be installed in locations where tidal velocity is very high.

However, a company specialising in marine energy believes they have come up with a solution. Minesto has developed a new underwater technology that uses the magnified power of the ocean to generate electricity even in areas of low tidal velocity.

Russell Beard travels to Northern Ireland to see how this innovation may be turning the tide in the search for comprehensive and cost-effective ocean power.

Source: Al Jazeera