Germany's BMW has been one of the pioneers of electric cars production. It is currently ranked fourth behind Tesla and two Chinese companies in terms of sales.

Al Jazeera's Dominic Kane speaks to BMW board member Pieter Nota at the Frankfurt Motor Show about BMW's electric car production and other challenges facing the industry.

According to Nota, BMW has a customer-centric approach to its offerings in different countries, with a range of options such as battery-powered electric vehicles and mini-electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrid automobiles that can drive longer distances.

"We believe that true impact as a positive impact on climate change will only be delivered if customers want and use these products," Nota says.

Asked about the effects of ongoing trade tensions between the US and China, Nota says that the company favours "frictionless trade" without tariffs but they have a global production network with plants in Europe, the US, and China.

"We are well set up also for a world where there may not always be frictionless trade but of course we wish for and call upon governments to enable frictionless trade because we believe that creates the most value for our customers as well."

Source: Al Jazeera News