King Salman... is trying to make a balance. That Saudi Arabia is not depending on just one super power, the United states, or the traditional allies

Khaled Batarfi 

Iran's nuclear deal with Western powers has received, at best, a lukewarm reception from Gulf states. Saudi Arabia, in particular, is concerned by the political shift of power in favour of Iran but is also worried the release of more than $100bn of Iran's frozen funds could allow it to flood the energy market with cheap oil.

That could be the reason why Riyadh has been reaching out to new political and economic partners. It signed a $10bn investment deal with Russia. Both sides do not see eye-to-eye on Syria. In return Moscow will help develop nuclear energy. With France, it signed a $13bn deal for 30 airbus passenger planes and a feasibility study for two nuclear reactors.

Plus with Israel, unconfirmed media reports say Prince Waleed Bin Talal, one of the world's richest men, is planning to go to Israel to open a dialogue with the Israelis at the request of King Salman. And despite previous disagreements with Ankara, Turkey's largest government defense company signed a deal with Riyadh to boost defense ties.

So has Iran's nuclear deal with Western powers reshape the geo-politics in the Gulf ? 

Khaled Batarfi a political analyst and Senior Columnist at the Saudi Gazette newspaper, joins the programme.

Source: Al Jazeera