Could it be that Indian companies are so competitive in terms of pricing that it hurts European companies ... we suspect there is more to this ban than meets the eye.

Dilip Shah, Secretary-General of the Indian Pharmaceuticals Alliance

The Indian pharmaceutical market has been performing well in Europe and the West, offering cheap drugs to patients who could previously not afford to buy them.

Benefiting from expired US drug patents, Indian companies were producing drugs cheaper than their western counterparts then selling them on in Europe and the US.

In 2014, New Delhi exported $15.4bn worth of pharmaceutical products, with Europe being an important market.

But with the European Union now banning around 700 drugs from India, the industry could lose as much as $1.2bn.

Dilip Shah, the secretary-general of the Indian Pharmaceuticals Alliance, joins Counting the Cost to talk about the ban and what it means for India's pharmaceutical industry.

Source: Al Jazeera